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The history of Liverpool from prehistoric times is covered and details of transport to, from and around is aided by links to many sites.
I hope to add many photographs of the spectacular and the mundane. The city is progressing at breakneck speed after forty years of decline after the second world war.
By Dr George Cook
The Liver Building detail
Liverpool Clayton Square Shopping Centre
Liverpool The Vines Public House Detail
European Capital of Culture 2008
2007 - 800th Anniversary
World Heritage City 2004
Liverpool River Festival
Stiltwalkers in Church Street Liverpool
Market stall off Church Street Liverpool
Lierpool waterfront classic view
And not forgetting..............
I am a General Practitioner who has lived and worked in Liverpool for 32 years. I have driven round the city day and night visiting patients of every type and have come to love the fierce, fearless, obstinate,at times irritating but above all friendly and sensitive people who live here.
Beware those who make disparaging remarks as  Boris Johnson and the Sun Newspaper have famously discovered.
Liverpool people are passionate and this is shown in the support for the two football teams. If the grounds were big enough there would be joint gates of 100,000, not bad for a city of 450,000 souls.
Church Street Liverpool
The sights, including much of the dramatic architecture and restaurants in which to  break your journey around this fascinating city, are listed.

The polyglot community has led to a mouth-watering variety of restaurants, in my opinion Liverpool can hold its own with almost any other city when it comes to eating out.
Sports, including details of grounds and many cultural events and of course shopping, will soon be listed.
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Canning Dock Liverpool
Canning Dock, December 2004
This picture shows what a stunning City Liverpool is.
In the distance cranes are building the first
Beetham Tower . The warehouses at the left were demolished and new buildings are rising. The small ship in the distance is "Walk the Plank", a travelling childrens theatre.

The whole waterfront area has been transformed since the photograph was taken with the Pier Head beyond the Three Graces completely changed and now including an extension to the canal network enabling access to the Albert Docks.
The traditional view of Liverpool Waterfront
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